The evolution of grilling.

Real flame-grilled food on your gas stove  any time, any day, any season. Easy to use and expertly engineered, Stephen's Stovetop BBQ is the next development in the evolution of grilling.


Designed for optimal cooking.

Stephen's Stovetop BBQ gives you a quick and even grill with its conductive + convective design and high heat transfer. It's built from high-grade aluminum, keeping it lightweight and effective. Hollow stainless-steel handles keep things cool while you're firing up.

Stovetop barbecue grill.jpg


Grill Top

The 11" round Grill Top gives cooks with direct convective heat from your gas stove and conductive heat transferred from the Base Pan. The grill is cast from a durable aluminum and coated with premium non-stick coating.

Drip Tray

The Drip Tray catches all of the juices while you grill, keeping your stove clean and minimizing the amount of smoke produced. The Drip Tray is non-stick and easy to clean.

Base Pan

The Base Pan directs rising convective heat from your gas burner through small openings at the bottom. Heat transfer enhancing fins direct conductive heat to the Grill Top. Hollow stainless steel handles keep cool during use.

NSF rated and certified for home use. 100% dishwasher safe. 

Indoor grill pan.jpeg

Made with real food in mind.

Stephen's Stovetop BBQ offers authentic grilling with whole foods. Lower fat foods like chicken, fish, lean beef, vegetables and even fruit cook best on the grill  any excess grease is collected by the drip tray. The non-stick grill surface ensures that you don't need any added oil to enjoy.

portable barbecue grill.jpeg

With hundreds of grilled foods and flavors to experience, Stephen's Stovetop BBQ will quickly find its way into your regular cooking routine. All you have to do is fire it up!